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Juvenile Justice Centre – Wagga
The Principal of Shepherds Park Education and Training Unit within the Juvenile Justice Centre – Wagga – 2005

‘At one stage a detainee was on the management committee for thirteen months. I wish to acknowledge that that detainee’s involvement in TAAG and the permission given that enabled him to be involved in community projects, make decisions and be able to form adult relationships while a member of the committee, assisted in his rehabilitation and reduced the likelihood of him re-offending. That same detainee continued his academic career, went onto University and is now married with two children.’

Daryl Maguire MP
Local Member for Wagga Wagga

‘I am writing in support of TAAG – The Actions Awareness Group Inc. I am very familiar with the work of TAAG and applaud their continuing efforts to encourage the community through an education programme to have respect for other people, their rights and their property.

We all should embrace the message of respect and I am very supportive of TAAG with their initiatives.

Superintendent Rod Smith
Commander, Monara Local Area Command

Over the 8 year period I was the Crime Manager in Wagga Wagga before transferring to Canberra as Superintendent, Commander, Monaco Local Area Command, in 2014, I had significant involvement in The Actions Awareness Group (TAAG), in particular around their message of Respect. This was an important and effective strategy for the Wagga Wagga Local Area Command in terms of crime prevention.

Over the years I have witnessed and been a part of various strategies implemented by TAAG that have consistently helped convey the message of Respect, particularly amongst our younger generation. These have each been highly successful in conveying this message and it may not be possible to truly measure the wonderful effect this has had on a large range of young people but anecdotally though, I can firmly say the impact of TAAG has been very significant.

The Principal, Wagga Wagga High School
Commander, Monara Local Area Command

‘As you know our school has been very happy to support the Campaign of Respect since its inception.. We have held a school Respect Day since Respect Week began some years ago. Our school leaders address the school assembly in the morning and then various activities have been carried out during the day focussed on promotion ‘Respect’. We have created a Respect Garden in the main students’ quadrangle and in 2008 we planted a Respect Tree and had a Respect Tree Ceremony carrying on the good work from previous years.

Michael Woolbank
Principal, Turvey Park Public School

‘The Actions Awareness Group provides a vital service in promoting the concept of RESPECT throughout the community. It’s involvement in schools through its initiatives directly reinforces this civil value and develops student understandings that can be applied in school and community life in general.’

Fred Lonergan
Community member and Past Officer in Charge of the Wagga Wagga Police and Community Youth Club (PCYC) for 22 years

‘TAAG has impacted on the life of our City in providing awareness for individuals and groups in our community. I have experienced firsthand a number of positive life changing experiences for young people in my previous employment. I used the aims and ideals of TAAG to indicate to countless young people their responsibility to themselves, their families and the wider community.

Through this process I know it provides an ideal opportunity for people to get in touch with their feelings. For a person who does not understand the feeling beneath his/her action doesn’t really understand himself/herself at all. They spend their lives trapped in a world of dark corners where silent forces out of their control influence their actions and direct them far too often in a negative way.’

Kerry Pascoe
Mayor, Wagga Wagga City Council in 2011

‘I am delighted to provide this reference for ‘TAAG – The Actions Awareness Group Inc.’ Wagga Wagga.
TAAG – The Actions Awareness Group Inc, or TAAG, are a not for profit community group who run a Campaign of Respect. The purpose of this campaign is to encourage community support for a more respectful and co-operative society, with education programs aimed at providing understanding of respect for people, rights and property
The Respect Campaign has been run by TAAG for over 15 years and is looked on very positively by the local community.
TAAG are encouraged as a group by other representatives such as Police and Hotels, and others who see the impact of respectful behaviour and practices on their business and within their community.
As Mayor of the City of Wagga Wagga I am delighted to support TAAG – The Actions Awareness Group Inc. for their continued good work within the community.’

Mr Hugh McCullum
Principal, Wagga Wagga Christian College

‘The Actions Awareness Group (TAAG) has provided ongoing support of schools and other groups across the Wagga community with the aim of fostering a positive youth culture that is respected and that respects others.
TAAG is keen to work in partnership with schools and other organizations and I have been impressed with TAAG’s desire to partner with our schools and also with the flexibility in the service delivery of TAAG.
There are several signs in our School that remind young people about growing respect. TAAG has been successful in encouraging the growth of a culture of respect in our community. This has been done in a gentle, non confrontational way that has stood the test of time.’