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School Tollbox

  •  The keyrings were given to Year 11 and Year 12 students in Respect Week in  2007
  •  The colourbond garden plaques were given to each School and were planted by the Schools during Respect Week – the Headmasters gave the thumbs up saying this was a great way to go so this was done again in 2008 with some Schools electing to plant another one in another garden bed.
  •  In 2008 these were also distributed to every Pre-School and Day Care Centre in Wagga during Respect Week.
  • The stickers were used by all the butchers on their shrink-wrapped meat parcels in 2007 and some used them on their plastic bags as well.  This was done again in 2008. TAAG was delighted that Coles Supermarkets came on board in 2008 and Woolworths have come on board in 2009 using the stickers on their shrink-wrapped meat parcels.  This is a continuing outreach tool.
  • In 2008 following on from feedback from one of the Headmasters that children love stickers  the stickers were also given to every Infants and Primary student.  The following year these were also given to every child in Pre-Schools and Day Care Centres and this practice continues each year.
  • The Drink Coasters with the wording plant  RESPECT  and watch it grow were used by all the Hotels, Clubs and Nightclub during Respect Week.
  • The top poster is our generic poster and is distributed throughout the City at various times.  It is distributed to all the Schools at the beginning of each year.
  • The bottom flyer was given out to children together with printed balloons during Respect Week at the Sausage Sizzle which marked the launch of Respect Week.  This was also used at the two Shopping Malls and Sunday Markets during Respect Week.  This is an outreach that has been going on during Respect Week since it began in 2005.
  • The Respect Wristbands were given out to all Year 7 students in all the High Schools in Wagga – Public, Catholic and Private – in 2009.   This outreach tool proved to be a very popular.
  •  The stick figures with the message ‘Stop… Think… Respect… …because everyone counts’ was an outreach tool given out to children at the Launch of Respect Week in 2010.  These were cut out prior to giving them out.
  •  The Respect Balloons are given out each year during the launch of Respect Week and the Shopping Malls in Wagga during Respect Week.   TAAG’s two colours of purple and yellow are used with the word ‘RESPECT’ in reverse colours to the balloon.
  • The yellow printed water bottle with the purple printing was given out to all Year 7 students in all the Wagga High Schools – Public, Catholic and Private in 2010.  The message printed is TAAG’s message and graphic.
  • The side of the Riverina Fresh Milk Carton is being used for three months commencing in mid February 2011 – these will be going Statewide.  They are in full colour with TAAG’s message and graphic together with an amplified Respect message.
  • The advertising on the back of the taxi is an outreach tool being used.