RESPECTISM is a philosophy that seeks truth and knowledge through RESPECT; that actions concerning the principles governing existence of all life, the physical universe, human behavour, a personal rule of life, are guided by RESPECT.

Those who choose RESPECT as a measure for qualifying any endeavour in their life, do so as an individual, an individual whose actions are a direct result of their own choice, with responsibility and accountability resting with the individual as a direct result of that choice.

Where RESPECT is obviously wanting, all efforts are made to find an alternate source that does show RESPECT.

RESPECT recognises that the human population on Earth should protect and respect the environment to ensure future generations of all life forms can enjoy the highest level of co-existence on Earth in reasonable numbers, relative to their species, without the threat of extinction.




Achievement through RESPECT:

From time to time, a specific example of a recent outstanding effort to highlight respect, change or eradicate disrespect will be linked in these columns.

April 2014

* community

A thai good story

We can all do somethng each day, no matter how small.

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* authors
* business
* clean energy
* clean environment
* comfortable and healthy home environment
* education
* equal rights for men and women
* fairtrade
* farming
* governments
* humanitarian
* journalism
* industry
* sustainable mining -equitable spread of profit back to workers and citizens owning resource

Our experiences and ideas shape our thoughts, attitudes and actions towards each other.

Humans are at the top of the tree of life and some of the conditions required for respect are enough space for an individual to live and grow in a positive environment, and to pause each time a decision is being made and asking:

Who am I doing this for?

Is it over and above what is reasonable?

Who or what have I considered my decision will impact, positively or negatively?

What will my legacy be to those who come after me and future generations?

The power of one alone is not strong but when it is joined with many other powers of one, the combined strength is that of a diamond, the hardest naturally occurring substance.




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